Reflection on the Journey since 2017 letter from our CEO Federico Corbari

Reflection on the Journey since 2017 letter from our CEO Federico Corbari

Reflecting on the journey since 2017: blockchain, digital assets and the evolution of perception from our CEO Federico and an Article from

Back in 2017, conversations with friends and business partners about blockchain technology and digital assets, called cryptocurrencies, were met with uncertainty and sometimes even humour. It was a time when the industry's landscape was shrouded in mystery, and discussing these innovations felt like stepping into the unknown.
Fast forward to today, 6 years later...blockchain, RWA tokenization and digital assets have become key strategy sectors for global players across industries. While the adoption might not yet be entirely global for non professional folks, the signs of evolution are unmistakable.
There's a famous analogy from the early blockchain days likening it to Napster and predicting a transition to Spotify-like platforms. In our industry, we often say "we're in the Napster era and moving towards those expansive platforms—only much faster". Back then, smartphones weren't as ubiquitous; today, we live in a tech era where almost everyone carries a powerful computer in their pocket.
Algo journey since 2020 has been remarkable, and we're immensely proud of what our Team has been able to achieve. We remain committed to discovering the best talents out there and empowering them to shape the future this is what we do and this is we will keep doing.Thank you for your trust and encouragement to think innovatively. I look forward to continuing our journey with fresh perspectives and out-of-the-box ideas.

See you in 2024!!


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Algo Capital: How to Become a Talent Scout for Managers Specialized in Blockchain and Digital Assets

The key to achieving this goal? A traditional and meticulous analysis of managers on an international level.
The search for talent and a money management strategy for handling liquidity and risk pendulum while staying invested but with variable exposure: a hybrid format and these are the strengths that distinguish the asset management company led by Federico Corbari, a valuable reference for investors.
At the heart of the ever-evolving digital ecosystem, Algo Capital emerges as the premier talent scout, embracing a bold and cutting-edge investment approach. Its goal is clear: identify and select the best talents among fund managers specialized in blockchain and digital asset-related technologies, but not limited to that, as its research extends to all talents in the vast technological landscape.

Accurate Analysis

The key to achieving this goal? A traditional and meticulous analysis of managers on an international level, based on a top-down process that combines team research and development, fuelling a database and using scoring cards that provide objective evaluations.

Algo Capital's Foundations

Excellence guides the work of Algo Capital. The group carefully examines the world of managers, funds and project within the blockchain and digital assets space, focusing efforts on finding the best talents. Like a talent scout in sports, the search is global and supported by a network of consultants and experts who identify managers specialized in the blockchain sector.

Decades of Experience and Futuristic Vision

With over two decades of experience in talent scouting by its senior management, Algo Capital positions itself as a leader in the specialized asset management landscape for new technologies. The experience gained by the team of analysts led by Federico Corbari provides the expertise needed to address the challenges of an ever-evolving landscape. Algo Capital redefines the approach to digital assets, integrating flexibility, compliance, and experience in an investment approach aimed at growing in a constantly changing digital world.

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